Don’t worry, kitty, I’ll rescue you!


After going slightly crazy trying to find small, cheapish items that weren’t made of chocolate to tuck into last year’s advent calendar, this year I went with a Lego version. Every day he opens a door to reveal a small Lego toy that’s part of a so-called theme. This year’s theme seems to be food related (barbecue grill, ice cream cart, hotdog stand), but then how do you explain this cat caught in a tree? (Or the scuba diver hiding behind yesterday’s door? Scott explains that he must be diving for fresh lobster.) I have to admit that I’m nearly as excited as he is to find out what’s inside each day.

The boy who wears many hats


He does, you know.

He’s a flirt.

He’s a comedian.

He’s a smarty-pants.

He’s a rebel.

He’s a boy of many opinions.

He’s a pouter.

He’s a charmer.

He’s a helper.

He’s an enthusiast.

He’s a picky eater most days.

He’s adventurous on others.

He’s a child of little patience. (Well, aren’t they all?)

He’s a master of persistence.

He’s a quick study.

He’s a giggler extraordinare.

And he’s mine!


I bought a tree for Devin’s room last year. We strung little red lights on it and left it at that since the branches won’t hold many ornaments. It was simple and made him smile.

This year he was excited about the tree again, but he wanted to put ornaments on this time around. I tried to explain to him that we would have a hard time finding some that would work, but we could try. So we were browsing through the holiday decor when we can across a 12-pack of birds with clips, which he really liked. There were other styles that we found, some with trees, some with snowflakes. But he loved the birds. And I thought they had potential.

So we strung the lights on the tree. New multi-colored lights per his request. (We needed a shorter strand anyway.) And then we adorned his tiny conifer with sweet little songbirds. He was thrilled. And that night he said to me, “Momma, I’m glad there are birds on my tree. I like having them in my room. And now I won’t dream about any bears.”


My kid is definitely sweet

I was told in a parent/teacher conference today that my kid is not affectionate.


Seriously. The boy is huggy and kissy and all sorts of sweet. I guess he leads some sort of double life. Cute, squishy boy at home. Mr. Too-Cool-for-School at day care.

I guess I should be happy that it’s not the other way around. A world without Devin smooches? I can’t even imagine!

Four years

We were outside in the fall sunshine again today. In celebration of the beautiful weather, yes, but also in celebration of our family.

Four years ago today this little guy flew into our lives.

It’s been a magical time. I love being a mom. I love being his mom. I love him. Oodles. Even when he’s super tired and acting like a maniac as he was today. As I tell him, “I’ll love you always and forever.”

And it’s true.

So many reasons to love fall

Gorgeously sunny weekends is just one of them.

Last weekend hit 80 degrees. This weekend was more typical. Long sleeves and a jacket. Perfect romping in the leaves and exploring weather. Scott drove us over to the west coast and we explored Montague and Pentwater. Dev was a bit bummed out that the putt-putt golf place was closed, but he was happy enough hitting the playground, running around and hiking (a very short trail).

Squeezing some extra time out of our evening

What makes me crazy about having a full-time job now is that there is so little time in the evenings to spend with my kiddo. We get home, start dinner, eat dinner, put the dishes away (ha!) and take a bath with barely a few minutes left for playtime. Tonight I made a super-lame dinner (hello, hotdogs!) that was also super fast, then put him in the bathtub for a quickie scrub-down so he could actually spend some time riding his bike. What a concept.

And what a night for walking the dog behind Speed Racer on training wheels!

It’s one of those nights when you know fall is going to make its presence felt soon enough, but summer is still hanging in there. Leaves are scattered about on the sidewalks, but shorts and a t-shirt are proper attire. Some people are mowing their lawns while others have already started decorating for Halloween.

I’m so glad I rushed us through the nightly must-do’s so we could get out there and enjoy it.

The picture of persistence

He’s cute. He’s sweet. He’s funny. He’s also been a handful lately. I have never met a more persistent and determined person.

I really wish I’d had more of his attitude when I was a kid. I was always intimidated by the idea of trying something new or arguing my case about something I wanted. I really wanted to try out for the volleyball team when I was in high school, but I figured they’d say no because I wasn’t tall enough.

When I was 17 I scored an interview for a great opportunity at a local bank. It would have been a much better job than most of the part-time gigs kids my age were working. But everyone would have had to wait for me to total up the numbers and balance everything out at the end of the day, and that kind of pressure scared me. So I worked at a movie theater instead.

This kid? I really doubt he’ll settle for anything less than what he wants or what he feels he should have. Although that trait can be a bit trying coming from a 4-year-old who thinks he doesn’t have to go to bed at night or eat dinner without throwing his food or sit quietly while someone is on the phone, I think it’s going to serve him well as he tackles life head-on.