One year ago today

I’m dragging photos out of my archives because I haven’t snapped a photo since Sunday. How does that happen? I spent an entire year documenting my life, camera poised and ready for 365 days. Now I can hardly remember I have a camera. Is it summer? Is it my addled brain? Is it that my child steadfastly refuses to look at the camera 99% of the time?

Tomorrow is the 4th annual “Three Kids from the Plane” get-together, so that should afford plenty of photo opportunities. Maybe I’ll catch some inspiration and get my photo skills in gear.Crowded House at the Meijer Gardens

3 thoughts on “One year ago today”

  1. Could it have anything to do with the fact that you started a 40-hour a week job this week? 🙂 Hope it’s going well. kathy

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