The way summer weekends should be

Don’t mind the dirty feet. We were having fun!

This weekend was the fourth summer get-together we’ve had with the families of the two babies who came over on the plane with Devin. Although they’re certainly not babies anymore. Four! They’re four. How did that go so fast?

There was much fun splashing, tubing and chowing down on grilled pizza. (Unless you were Devin and all you decided to eat was chips and candy.) Closed out by a gorgeous sunset that the kiddos were oblivious to as they chased each other ’round and ’round the living room.

We were also invited to an impromptu birthday party by the family across the street. The 8-year-old star of the birthday festivities took a liking to Dev and made him feel comfortable amongst all of the older kids. They found “buried treasure,” played balloon volleyball and chased each other around. After the party, there were also monster-truck races on the sidewalk. It was Devin Heaven!