Communing with nature


He found a lightning bug tonight. As we were playing cars on the front porch. He in his PJs. Me barefoot and snapping pics, of course. Summer. It’s when you can get away with such things.

We’d come across one the night before too. A tiny little mite that seemed unable to fly. His wing looked slightly damaged, so I advised Dev that we should be gentle with it. He seemed fascinated by the tiny visitor.

He was equally intrigued tonight, abandoning his cars (on our freshly chalk-drawn roadway) to watch the lightning bug’s journey across the coarse cement. He carefully tried to coax the bug onto his finger, but LB was interested only in escape. So I took a leaf and placed it before the bug and it climbed right on.

My kiddo brought the leaf very close to his face and watched very excitedly before carefully placing the leaf, and its passenger, back on the ground. As he told me, “We can only hold it for a few minutes, Momma, because it might miss its mommy and daddy.”