My new pad

I never really thought I’d ever abandon my old blog. Five years is a long time. I coded it, designed it, loved it all that time. But I’ve never been able to keep up with the Movable Type updates, or figure out how to back up my posts, or totally foil the spammers (who are back lately). I’m web competent, but not quite web savvy. So I’m starting anew. I’ve really only altered my domain name slightly and I’m putting my old blog on hiatus. I plan to archive the content for myself in a Blurb book so I’ll always have a record of my witticisms, brilliant story-telling and snappy photos. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

6 thoughts on “My new pad”

  1. Oh, my: you chose a lovely place to build your new nest. (I’ll bet it was difficult, as the one you flew was always a thing of beauty!)

    Be happy here! And I think the book idea is brilliant. It might just push me in the same direction someday soon, though with resigned but resolute sadness….much, I expect, like you. 🙂


  2. I LOVE your new design! And the color scheme changing to match the photos? Brilliant!!! It’s like a new page every day.

    This must have been the week for starting new blog homes. The first entry for my new photoblog was July 10th, and my friend started her new domain on July 8th.

    I think the Blurb idea is a great idea too. Which reminds me I have a coupon for a Blurb book that expires soon. Thanks for the reminder!

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