I have a good excuse


The aforementioned storms? They zapped our power. For four days. It wasn’t that tragic for the most part. Annoying that we lost most of the food in our refrigerator and that I couldn’t turn on the ceiling fan last night when it was getting warm in our room. But the weather this past few days was the ideal weather for living like the pioneers did. It never got too hot around here.

Plus, it was slightly fun to run around with flashlights and light candles each evening. Devin’s dog flashlight got plenty of use. Better yet, he got to sleep with Daddy on the futon in the basement since the fireworks were popping off each and every night.

I struggled with only two things: not being able to blow dry my hair and not being able to read with the help of my bedside lamp. I conquered #1 by going with the ponytail most mornings or hitting the shower at the gym. Number 2 involved the elaborate candle ritual above. Whatever works, right?

I really didn’t miss the internet all that much. My laptop battery died by the time I got home Wednesday night and I had no desire to head for the nearest wifi location. I liked the excuse to disengage myself from the online world for a few days. It’s something I’ve been striving to do a lot more often. My productivity level goes up, I’ve noticed, when I move away from the computer screen.

Still, it’s nice to sneak in a few minutes while Scott’s watching the Yankees/Red Sox match-up and the neighbors are STILL shooting off annoying fireworks. Now I’m off to read my book club book!