Toys galore

Lucy and the contraption also known as Supercar

What did Devin get for his birthday besides a bike? Lots and lots of Lightning McQueen paraphernalia. Lots. Tons.

I’m exagerrating only slightly.

He loves these little build-em cars. Big Lego-ish things that you can snap together. So there’s been much car-building going on the past few days. Mixed in with a little bit of bike riding.

Oh, and because I’m such a brown-noser, I trolled the Internet to find him Bat Hound and Krypto toys. Scott got him hooked on the Bat/Super pets, which I had no idea even existed. They came in the mail on Saturday before the party. So now he’s running around the house with his stuffed dogs. They, of course, have to go to school with him every day too. For naptime. Now we have to take extra care to keep track of them or I just know all Hades will break loose.

Right now he’s snuggled in his bed with all three of them next to his cheek. The cuteness, I tell ya.