When the boy is away, the mom will eat his cake


Well, can you blame me? It’s Costco cake and we have the leftovers in our refrigerator, staring at me. So there ya have it.

I don’t feel so bad about this slight indiscretion because I did go to the gym today. And I simply canceled out all of my efforts. So I’m even, right?

I’ll just throw in this cake-centric post that I can now RUN A MILE!

I’m so darn jazzed about that. I finally, after a year of building up to this moment, ran six laps straight on Sunday. Did it again this morning. I was beginning to think it was never going to happen for me. I know I wasn’t quite pushing myself hard enough, and I had some stops/starts with the gym due to vacations and sickness, but I never realized it would be so difficult to reach what I thought was a fairly simple goal.


Scott thinks I’m crazy, but I really do think my little iPod helped me. I’m focusing on the music and I’m not spending the time obsessing about my thoughts. It’s freeing.

I’m also really enjoying the weight programs that my personal trainer has been setting me up with. I’m going to have to reduce the frequency of our meetings soon, but Terri truly rocks. The new routine is actually kind of fun. My arms and butt can attest to that. It also feels wonderful to be able to notch higher weights as I go along. I’m feeling stronger and more confident about my body these days. So eating a piece of cake (well, several if you count the ones I’ve consumed since Saturday) isn’t as frightening a prospect as it used to be.