The grip is gotten


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was feeling a bit blue again. That my medication wasn’t the miracle it had initially seemed to be. That things were swinging up and down.

In the weeks that followed, down was the main direction.

So I consulted with my doc and she agreed that a higher dosage of my medication would be in order. Simple enough. I doubled up and crossed my fingers.

The week of that change, though, was kind of a stressful one. Devin had been having some trouble with his behavior at daycare and I was having some trouble understanding how to reverse that trouble. Three days after my dosage was upped, I had my very first anxiety attack. Wow, that was fun!

But things leveled off after that and I’ve actually been feeling pretty darn good. I love me so much more when I’m calm and easy-going. I think my husband does too. And even though the kiddo is still having some struggles at school, I’m feeling more positive about getting him through it.

It’s so very nice that the mood’s lifted in time for the sunny days that we’ve been graced with this week. The boy has been on his bike, we’ve played on the back deck, we’ve been energized by the sunshine, we’ve seen green shoots pushing through the remaining snow. Sweetness.