“M” is for Mocha


We visited my mom in Kalamazoo on Friday. Devin had the brilliant idea that we “Go see Gramma when I wake up in the morning.” So, yeah. We did.

I miss K-zoo. I wanted out so badly when I was younger. All I could think about was Chicago, Chicago, Chicago. And I’m so very proud of myself for setting a big goal and going for it. It’s one of the biggest accomplishments of my life that I overcame my shyness and hounded Larry White weekly for my first lowly associate copywriting job. With just two weeks notice I secured an apartment and hightailed it to the big city.

Happy? Yes I was. I loved it. I felt like Mary Tyler Moore herself, conquering my fears and embracing all that was the big city. Practically dancing down the streets as I explored my neighborhood and trekked through all of the others.

Yet something truly nagged at me. I missed home. I had wanted to leave home, but hadn’t realized how much home really was, well…home.

Within a couple of years, Scott and I were talking about where we would live next. D.C., Boston, San Francisco, etc. And where did we end up? Just 45 minutes away from home.

And I still miss it!

OK. So let’s get to the coffee already, right?

I’m a big fan of going local. Especially when it comes to coffee. Starbucks is OK from time to time, but local shops are my faves. And I’ve been dying to try out Water Street Coffee Joint. I’ve seen their location in downtown K-zoo, but it was always as we were driving past or late at night when coffee is a definite no-no for me.

So as we were getting ready to drive to Grandma’s, I plotted a visit to the location just a few blocks from her house. Finally, a chance! And, boy, was it worth the wait! My mocha was darn good. Not to mention the homemade food in the case that had my mouth watering. Now I just have to nab a diner mug for my collection!

My only beef? The styrofoam cups.