He & Me


I joined a Flickr group dedicated to parents taking photos of themselves with their kids. Weekly. Ay-yi-yi! Me and my projects. We’ll see how cooperative the Devster is for this one. The last one didn’t involve a particular subject. I think this will be fun and also grace us with some wonderful photos throughout the year. This one is an outtake. I went with his hiding-behind-the-remote pose instead.

I have some guilt today, though. I’ve been grumpy since waking up. We had to rush around to get Devin ready so I could drive through a snowstorm to get him to the dentist for an 8:00 AM appointment. Made it safely, then had to return to awful traffic to drive to daycare. He was fussing the whole way, asking me to take him home instead because he didn’t want to go to school. Then he argued with me several times during errands tonight. Add to that his new obsession with saying “Momma!” every two seconds and I just wasn’t in a congenial mood tonight.

The Momma thing is sweet. It really is. To have your kid want to share every moment with you has a way of making you feel special. But it’s to the point where I can’t do anything without him wanting my complete attention. So depsite the sweetness of it all, it feels draining too. And I’ve taken a tone with him a few times. Sigh. I love him to pieces. But I guess any human, even a tiny, adorable, funny one, can drive a person nuts from time to time.