My kid? He is smarter than me


Dev got a remote-control car for his second Christmas. Designed for the littlest kids with a simple remote and durable plastic. He broke it several days later when friends came for a visit and he didn’t want to share his toy. His solution to not sharing was to take the remote and throw it (very hard) to the floor.

Scott tried fixing it, but had no luck. I stuck the car up in my closet, thinking maybe we could come up with something. Didn’t, of course. And I bought him a more advanced remote-control dump truck last year.

Today, when we were puttering around in my room, he spied the car at the top of the closet. The car that had been there for nearly two years. The car he’d never noticed during that entire time.

So out it came. Without the remote. And he was very happy to push it around without the assistance of the batteries. Then he asked me about the remote and suggested that maybe we could fix it. I explained that Daddy had already tried.

“Well, we can use the one from my dump truck,” he said.

“I’m not sure that would work, honey,” I replied with skepticism.

“I’m going to try it!”

Off he ran to the toy box, extracted the remote, and ran back. He pointed it at the car and off it went. “Ah-ha!” he yelled.

I was sufficiently put in my place.

And here are two more ornaments for your viewing pleasure!

From Kris in Rhode Island…


From Rhonda in Florida (a big hit with my Florida Gator husband and animal-loving kid)…