Free time

Last night was a bit of a wonder for me.

Scott picked up Devin from day care in the afternoon and took him down to Kalamazoo with him to drop off his final paper for his class. A little father-son roadtrip, which included a trip to Grandma’s house.

That left me? Solo!

It felt a little weird. To have no real responsibilities when I got off work yesterday. Well, there are always the pets. But still.

I went to the gym, then came home and walked the pooch. With no time limit on our stroll. (Luckily, because we ran into my friend Laurel’s dog, Elsie, running amok at Mulick Park and had to spend some time corralling her and getting her back home.) Then I baked up a frozen pizza (spinach and feta…yum!) before mixing up two batches of cookies for tonight’s 2nd Annual Book Club Cookie Exchange.

Afterward I got some gift-wrapping done. Finally! The shopping part has been over for a week, but there is mucho wrapping to accomplish. So I made a dent while watching TV. I NEVER watch TV. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to veg in front of the tube. So, yeah. Four free hours.

Now I just need four free hours to get a massage and have a glass of wine!

Two more ornanemtns arrived on Wednesday…yay!

From Diana in New York…


From Corinne in Ottawa…