Smiles all around


First off, thanks to everyone for the very sweet and supportive comments on my last post.

I’m doing just fine and dandy. Well, better than that really. I’m actually calm. A word I swear no one would ever have used to describe me before. So it’s nice — not getting worked up over everything and freaking out over the small stuff and just quitting something in the middle because it seemed like too much effort.

So, yes. Fine and dandy. And a little mixed up in the sleep department. But that too shall pass. Or so my doctor tells me.

I had no idea the little pills would make a difference so quickly. Yay!

The best part of this whole thing is that smiling face you see above. My topsy-turvy moods and irritability were making it difficult for me to parent the way I wanted to. I could be so impatient with Devin some days. (Granted, he’s three and his dad gets impatient with him too…but still.) And then I’d experience horrible bouts of guilt over the way I handled certain situations with him. I was beginning to feel like a failure as a mom.

The last few days have turned that around. I’m able to look at things without blaming myself, without feeling like I’m failing at everything, and without making everything into a huge crisis. Now I’m able to respond sans irritation even when my child is screaming because I will only order one book from Scholastic and not two.

Although his screams don’t happen nearly as often as his smiles do.