Of friends and 40 and La Ti Da

I’m driving to Chicago tomorrow morning to meet up with my two oldest friends: Renee and Viv. We all turn 40 within a two-month span, so we thought a weekend celebration was in order.


While there, I’ll also be meeting an online friend for dinner.

Much to look forward to, yes.

I shall miss the boys, though. I was just away at the end of last month, so this seems so soon. I love having time to myself. As an only child, I’m quite used to it really. The “me” time. It goes by the wayside once parenthood roosts and ya gotta take it when you can get it. Yet the moment I hit I-96, I know I’m going to be pining for the kiddo. He’ll be in great hands with Daddy, though.

And, speaking of friends, as I was in the beginning of this post, my friend Greg is in the midst of some awesomeness lately. He’s the drummer for the local band The Icicles and also a co-worker at one of my clients. One of the band’s songs was chosen for a Motorola commercial earlier this year and now, coolness, another song is powering up a Target ad. “La Ti Da” is one of Devin’s favorite songs, in fact. (Believe me, I’ve listened to it often enough. Demanding boy that he is.) So take a gander at the ad and get your happy on!

One thought on “Of friends and 40 and La Ti Da”

  1. I SO hear you on the loss of me time! I didn’t used to think that I had all that much free time until I lost it. There are days that its all I can do not to just sit in a closet with the door shut and read a magazine for 20 minutes. And my home-from-work ritual of lounging on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns are a thing of the past. But what makes me saddest is that our kitty used to LOVE me and now he’s become Tim’s pal instead of mine because I spend so much time with Rose.

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