I’ve been pondering what to do with this site. It needs to be refreshed. But I don’t want to do anything stupid, as I’m sure to, and accidentally delete the last four years of my life completely.

Do I start out fresh, from scratch? Or do I somehow figure out the complexities of migrating my content to a new version of MT or some such application?

I took the fresh approach last time. Did you know that I had a blog before this one? I love that the web archives my life for me. Embarrassing as it may be, the documentation of my ramblings lives on for eternity.

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing”

  1. My blog soooo needs a revamp. Alas, I’m too lazy. I don’t really know enough web design/code anyhoo.

    I really like your site’s simplicity and pinkness!

  2. I feel the same way (about needing my own revamp and about loving how my life is all saved up for me on my blog). One day I’m going to look back and be really thankful I’ve chronicled my life in such a way.

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