Trapped by a three-year-old

The last week is a bit of a blur. It included preparations and hosting of Devin’s three-year birthday party. So, yeah, plenty to do. Yet I wasn’t sooo busy that I couldn’t post to my site (or his) now and again. The bigger problem was. Well. Him.

I so hate to blame things on a three-year-old.

But, honestly, we’re having a few issues in our household these days. And they all boil down to our new bedtime routine. A routine that includes plenty of screaming, protests, plotting, and drama. The big-boy bed, which was appreciated by the “big boy” for a few weeks, is no longer the draw it once was. The concept of freedom has taken its place and our precious little boy has become a bit of a pill. (Not a horse pill, mind you. Certainly only the smaller variety.)

Back to the posting issue. My office is kitty-corner from his room. And he won’t stay in his room. Thus, I’m restricted from my regular nightly routine of checking email, visiting sites, processing photos, and posting my thoughts. Instead, Scott and I cower down in the living room, listening to the screams and the demands:

“I want out, Daddy!”
“Where’s my LION????”
“I need go potty!”
“Come back in my room, Mommy!”
“Mommy, rub my back. I need more rubbing!!”
“I need some water, Daddy!”
“I ‘cared of monsters in my room!”
“No leave me up here, please! PLEASE!”
“I want hold my Wiggles underwear!”
“I no like my room, Mommy!”

Get the picture?

At least us parents are spending a lot more quality time together!

7 thoughts on “Trapped by a three-year-old”

  1. Yikes. We’re having similar problems, but for the moment the announcements are limited to “I have to pee/poop!” and “Mommy, SNUGGLE!” Oh, and lots of crying. For the moment we’re chalking it up to the 5-hour time change between here and Hawaii, plus the extra hour forward on the night of our return… but I suspect we’re really entering a new phase. And my office is right outside his room, too. 🙁

  2. Kudo’s to you for standing your ground. It is difficult. Perhaps try giving Devin some sort of comfort item. Something special..or rather something he will see as special. A new teddy bear…tell him that Teddy need Devin to help him be brave and go night night. If Devin thinks he’s the big boy and has to help Teddy be brave it might take the focus off of his own night night issues.

    Either that or let him hold the wiggles underwear….I mean really…teehee… Devin’s always been cute…but gosh now that he can talk…priceless.

  3. Lori…The snuggle comment is so cute. But tugs at your heart too. It’s like they’ve figured out how to use the most underhanded tactics to get you to come back and give them attention!

    Patrick…Yeah. That darn lion. I brought it back from MGM in Vegas and he carried it around for a week. But now he only uses it as ammunition against his parents. 🙂

    Molly…They’re so tiny, but so skilled at tugging those emotional heartstrings. Darn it. 🙂

    Marie…Hi!!! Yes, three already. Unbelievable. He does like to hold things, which has always made me giggle. So now it’s the underwear. Go figure. I hope you and M are doing great!

    Kristy…I’m barely standing my ground. If it weren’t for my husband, Dev would probably be sleeping in my bed every night. Sadly. A teddy might do it. It’s certainly worth a try. And I know get the underwear out ahead of time and hand it to him each night. But then he cries for “the other underwear!” instead. I’m tellin’ ya, he’s very clever!

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