OK, people…where’s my brain?

I thought, with my previous post, that one of y’all would have returned it by now. Seriously. I need it.

It’s bad enough that I took nearly a year to complete the N-600 form and mail out all of the stuff to the folks at Homeland Security.

(What is that form, you ask? It’s an expensive waste of time that we, adoptive parents of a child from Korea, have to fill out to prove he’s a citizen of the U.S. Even though he officially became a citizen of the U.S. the moment we adopted him. But the government does not have its collective shit together so, even though he’s officially a citizen, we have to fill out a form and send in $215 to prove it.)

So it’s bad enough that it took me a year to do that. The only reason being the photo requirements are so strict and I couldn’t get a decent one of Devin that measured 2 x 2 inches and where his head filled 1 3/8″ of the frame with his eyes falling at 1″. Yeah. Whatever. I finally got smart and took him to get a passport photo. Worked like a charm.

Here we are, a year later, with the photos finally taken, the form complete, the photocopies of all the crazy documents attached and sent through the USPS. That’s where the brainless part comes in. I forgot to send the $215 check. Doh!

The entire package came back to me on Thursday with the request of the check and I dutifully included it and remailed it on Saturday.

But wait…I’m not done!

I just now was sorting through some papers on my desk and checked what appeared to be an empty envelope only to find, to my horror, dismay, shock, anger, and irritation, the three passport photos of Devin that were supposed to be included in the package that I sent out on Saturday.


Can someone please, please, please tell me why I’m so incredibly stupid? My kid is never going to be able to get a passport and travel to the wilds of Canada if I don’t get this document finalized. Gahhhhhhhh.

Is there some kind of reality show for stupid people? Because I really, really should be part of that one.

5 thoughts on “OK, people…where’s my brain?”

  1. Now, Lori, if you had your desk neat and organized, this wouldn’t have happened – you need to be more anal!
    Juuuuust kidding! I love you the way you are, with or without brains! 😉

  2. Welcome to the wonderful land of parenthood, where memory a-la-gone is the catch of the day, the happy hour special and the prescribed medication.

    When you find yours, please let me know how you did it. Mine has been AWOL since 2005.


    Seriously, though, you are very much not alone. I would die of shame if the universe posted a public list of things I screwed up, forgot to do or just simply lost in the sludge that fills my head.

    I blame it all on the Mercury in Retrograde thing. Something other than humanity has to take one for the team.:)

  3. I think it is called toddleritis or something. I am exactly the same way! The other day I put Betsy in the car to come home from the library and when we got home I realized that I hadn’t strapped her in at all! Agh! Thank the Lord it was a short trip and we didn’t wreck! At least your episodes didn’t endanger Devin’s life! :O

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