Biting off more than I can possibly chew

I’ve been hearing plenty about the new blogging app, Vox. But it’s always been by invitation only, and how does one come by such an invitation? Well, eventually a web friend will cough one up for you if you wait long enough.

Not that I need another blog venue. Seriously.

But I’m giving it a whirl.

That and I’m trying to come to terms with what to do with this site. I hate the design and the static feel of it. But I’m not all that technically proficient so I’ve put off upgrading to the new MT. I’m, in fact, considering WordPress. Either option requires bravery on my part since I’ll have to slog through it and hope not to drop any of my entires. I’ll certainly let ya know when things are changing.

Update: I should mention that I have some invites available if anyone’s interested. Just let me know and I can email you one.

3 thoughts on “Biting off more than I can possibly chew”

  1. Hi Lori, I have an invite to Vox too but I never opened an account as I don’t have time for another blog. Let me know how you find it.

  2. I didn’t see where to post comments on the Vox site so here are my two cents. I love the idea of book musings! As a voracious reader myself, a place to go and see books that someone else loves is a great idea! The Memory Keeper’s Daughter was an interesting read. Of course, I would love to read the blog but can you keep up with it is always the real issue.

  3. i’ve never heard of Vox, but it looks interesting. i couldn’t imagine having more than one blog though, since i have a hard time finding enough time for just that one these days. i think your idea of making your Vox blog about your reading is good. i’ll be looking forward to hearing about your recommendations, since my commute gives me almost 10 hours a week of reading time.

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