Feeding my bread addiction

I pop in at a local coffee shop on my way to work some mornings. (Heath bar mocha with soy, no whip.) Just a few weeks ago I noticed a new enterprise would soon be sharing the plaza. Great Harvest Bread Co.

I have to say that this pleases me.

I’m a total bread fanatic. I sometimes find the pre-meal bread baskets at certain restaurants to be more exciting than the entree. And after taking a pottery class several years ago, I learned to appreciate the kneading of bread dough, which is very similar to wedging your clay. It’s a soothing, relaxing thing to stand at my kitchen counter and manipulate the yeasty dough. Especially with a good CD popped in for accompaniment.

I’m not, obviously, that worried about carbs. Because I could not live without fresh-baked bread. Really!

We have some great local bakeries that make some incredibly yummy artisan breads. I’m a frequent visitor, for sure. Yet none of them are so conveniently located on the route of my morning drive. So I was pretty darn excited to push open the doors of Great Harvest this morning, during opening week, and plunk down some cash for the Nine-Grain loaf. This, I fear, could become an addiction to rival my thrice-weekly mocha fix.

2 thoughts on “Feeding my bread addiction”

  1. o where o where were you when i was TRYING to make my first loaf of bread 10 days ago (without my kitchen savvy husband)? funny you posted this today because i was SO tempted to buy the bread bible from amazon this morning…i’m still tempted, in fact…ted and i plan on making bread aplenty this fall. i figure w/ all his brewing expertise, we should get the yeast thing down. that was my downfall w/ last week’s ill-fated loaf. i’ll have to email you for help next time!

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