How the garden does grow

Heavily Photoshopped because I was in a playing-around mood

It’s just amazing how all the flora is a-poppin’ in my backyard right now. I love May and June for such anticipation. You dig into the dirt, untwine the roots, settle the plants into a new home, and watch the greenery spiral upward and outward. My hollyhocks, which sowed themselves so nicely right next to my deck, have grown tall and strong and are filled with buds that are ready to bust out. The containers are filling in nicely and the blooms are slowly but surely emerging. I love the warm summer evenings when Scott and I sit on the deck, our feet up on chairs, a glass of wine cradled loosely in our hands, and the riot of color from the flowers and the sunset enveloping us.

One thought on “How the garden does grow”

  1. I need to take lessons from you… I have yet to figure out how to balance Jude, garden, photography, travel, cooking and still have time to watch the sunset with a glass of wine in my hand.

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