Show me the green


The snow has melted and the grass is stretching itself toward the sun. Yet the dull, cool, slightly dreary feel of pre-spring is still in the air. Stalks of brown. Clumps of brown. Patches of brown. I was heartened a bit today, though, as I walked Juliette along the sidewalks of my neighborhood, by the emerging greenery. You can see it when you look closely. Or when you pass by the yard of a dedicated gardener. And it gives me hope that I’ll very soon be seeing those deep, vivid colors among the brown.

4 thoughts on “Show me the green”

  1. I too am waiting for spring and green. It’s been raining here lately. Thank goodness we don’t have snow!

  2. I’ve been continually thrown by the cold that appears to be sticking around. Here’s to hoping that those March winds realize it’s April and give us some space.

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