Can you say tummy ache?

Chocolate Raspberry Cobbler at Mezze Cafe & Cabaret (no, the spoon wasn’t dirty)

I love, love, love, love, love, love dessert.

So much so that it impairs my ability to lose the five pounds I put on this winter eating too much…dessert. And rich desserts DO NOT bother me. Sugary ones either. Bring on the Peeps, peeps!

But the chocolate monstrosity above kicked my butt! I ate a mere third of it, if that. And my stomach was complaining about it for a few hours afterward.

I’m not sure how Kathy fared. She ordered the same thing. But the dinner itself was scrumptious so all is forgiven.

On another note: I’m heading out to Chicago tomorrow morning for a weekend photography class in the ‘burbs. I’m planning to schlep around the city tomorrow, though. Hopefully I’ll bring back some photo goodness. Send good vibes my way, dear readers, because I’m going to miss the boy a ton. Oh, and the husband too, of course!