Not my favorite

Apple Cream Cheese Roll-ups

Eh. I made these two years ago and I had some notion that I just HAD TO make them again. They can be a hassle, though. A lot to do with handling phyllo dough, but moreso the process of rolling them up. When you plunk the prescribed amount of mixture onto the dough and begin rolling, lots of it comes out of the ends of the thingys.

Add to that the fact that my child was perched on a step stool just inches away from all of the gadgets (bowls of various additions, measuring spoons, and the like) that went into creating these, and it wasn’t the smoothest of baking processes. But he was such a good boy. Watched patiently, munching on graham crackers, while Mom, blabbing on and on about how “messy this is,” managed to complete her task and pop ’em in the oven. They ARE tasty, but I’m not sure I’ll repeat this next year.

I’m having a ton of fun having his companionship in the kitchen the past few days. I promised him some muffin mixing once this holiday stuff is over. I’d like to churn out muffins and breads regularly since they’re great snack options for him. And I can’t see why he wouldn’t be up to taking a few turns with the mixing spoon. Although I may well be proven wrong!

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  1. My Italian grandmother used to bake homemade bread. She would give both my sister and I a piece of dough to play with. By the time we were done our dough would be nearly gray and rather disgusting if memory serves me well. She would then let us bake our creations and eat them. We never minded that they came out as hard as rocks and not tasting so great because they were ours. You prompted a great memory. Remember it doesn’t matter what he’s stirring if he thinks he’s stirring gold…and memories are just that….gold.

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