Finally getting around to the baking thing

Some double chocolate chip concoction

My friend had a birthday in late October. I was browsing the mall in search of a gift for her. I wandered into one of those lotion/perfume stores and was assaulted with…Christmas music. Before Halloween! I was appalled, honestly. I’m not in the mood to be singing carols before I’ve had my wits scared out of me.

And yet, maybe it’s a good idea. Because by the time I really DO get ready for it all, it’s way too late.

I have several gifts purchased, but not all. I have most of my decorations up, but not all. I have one batch of cookies baked, but not all.

And the 25th is just, um, nine days away!

OK. Maybe I should just take a cue from those money-grubbing retailers and start early. With all the rigamarole that goes into the holiday, there’s just not enough time to wait. Don’t you agree? Heck, let’s just get started in January once the food’s had a bit of time to settle and the presents have all been returned.