The perfect photo that wasn’t


This shot looked magnificent in the LCD. I should know better. Double-checking is the best defense. Boy, is the focal point way off! I really wasn’t trying to highlight the goodness of the strawberry since the bread pudding itself was the star. This was the dessert that Tracy and I capped off our meals with at Marie Catrib’s. Yummy-licious! But I had WAY too much sugar today!

(Tracy…post your pic. It must be better!)

3 thoughts on “The perfect photo that wasn’t”

  1. When I was growing up my little brother Eric used to “stack cans” all the time. We had a small kitchen cabinet just for him where my mother kept all of her can goods only. My brother would take all of the cans out and stack and play and when he got tired he would crawl in there and go to sleep with the cans.

    Your entry about Devin made me remember a happy memory from childhood….those are priceless for me…so thank you very MUCH!

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