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Stupid bug!


What were you doing last Saturday? I was shooting one of my best friend’s weddings. I’ve been psyching myself up for it since she asked me months ago. Why? Because I’m a total amateur who still has plenty, plenty, plenty to learn about photography. So I was a bit NERVOUS. Luckily I’ve learned one important lesson that served me very well: shoot tons of photos. And I did. More than 800, in fact.

Along for the occasion was my husband, the very handsome man pictured above. He was also the very helpful man who lugged my tripod around and who stood in as a model for the shots I was setting up. Like this one. Too bad that darn bug decided to land on his forehead. (Although it’s just a minuscule little spec at this size and resolution.) Good thing I know a little bit about Photoshop, eh?