Happy Birthversary, honey!

Yes, I had a bite — had to make sure it lived up to the billing

I’ve decided that it’s not really possible to make a cake look good in a photograph when it resides in a pyrex baking dish. Still, it tastes darn good. There’s some sour cream going on in the batter so it’s pretty moist. And this, my first made-from-scratch frosted cake, is in honor of my husband’s birthday, although I baked it a day later — on our anniversary. So happy late cake, sweetie! I love you tons, bunches and gallons!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthversary, honey!”

  1. happy anniversary!
    (mine’s on monday…) 🙂
    this looks like an excellent way to celebrate..how many years?

  2. Reese: Yeah, the frosting turned out pretty good. I was excited about that.

    Lynn: Four years…whew! 🙂 Happy early anniversary to you too. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to comment on that photo of you wearing the orange dress. Love it!

  3. Happy Annibirthday.

    It looks tasty. And, you’re right, pyrex dishes do make it difficult. Maybe you can lower the lens into the dish once the cake is half gone (?). Go for the Smurf’s eye view.

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