Wicker Park, Chicago

My new computer is coming any day now. Luckily my husband is the techy type and sees the value in upgrading every few years to keep things flowing smoothly. He actually forced this change on me, though. Honestly, I love my current iMac to pieces. That swivel screen is so cool. Why do they have to keep revamping the design when they already have such fabulousness? (So much better than the original iMacs!) And the new one, according to my IT pal at my client, looks like Jay Leno. He does have a point.

The swivel screen/protruding “chin” debate aside, my current ride isn’t very speedy these days. I fight to get Safari to load and switch back and forth with other software. Photoshop is moody. Sometimes “Wham!”; minutes later it’s crawling. With all of the photo processing I’ve been piling on, the poor thing is simply rebelling. Bah! Oh, well. Progress. It marches on. With a G5 processor.