Dat’s what I’m talkin’ about

This time last year

So I wished for spring and I received, for my efforts, several inches of snow instead. Enough snow that our neighbor gleefully toted his brand-new snowblower all about the ‘hood this morning, clearing the end of our driveway, our sidewalk — and the rest of them to boot, and even the road. Now that’s a man who’s happy about snow.

That’s not me. Pretty though it was falling gracefully on the branches this morning, I’m just in the place right now — moodwise — that calls for shorts and a t-shirt. I can hardly face my closet in the morning. Hangers filled with wintery sweaters and darker colors. I have no desire to wear any of it.

And since our usually-in-March trip to Florida was scheduled for April this year instead, I have to hunker down and put up with all this nonsense. Pout.