All about me — me, me, me

The boys nicely agreed to pose for me as I tried out the new flash

I’d call part of today a “me” day. You know, a day where you do a few things that make you exclusively happy.

It started with a simple trip to my hair stylist. I’ve been growing my hair out since the little guy arrived because it was easier to pull it back into a ponytail on the days when blowdrying wasn’t an option. But after a few inadvertent glances in the mirrors as I strolled along in the mall, I began to rethink that logic. Besides, I think I’ve partially mastered my daily schedule. At least enough to put the blowdryer to use each day.

So snip, snip.

Then it was on to the local camera store to buy a new flash. I’ve been salivating over the possibilities of an external flash. Especially since, during these dreary, chilly Michigan winter days, we’re confined to the house for our photo ops and the results have been less than special. I end up dialing the ISO all the way up to get a decent handheld shot. That gives me way too much grain in the prints. I know there’s some adjusting you can do to the built-in speedlight, but I’m not that savvy. And I’m not that patient. Already I’m loving this flash.

Then I hit the makeup counter at the mall. I’d forgotten to put on makeup this morning, so it was the perfect occasion to get one of those free makeovers. The Origins lady was very helpful. In addition to the lifeless hair I’ve been spying in the mirrors, the wan complexion has heightened my “frumpy mom” look. So I nabbed a new foundation and some chocolate-flavored lip gloss. I don’t wear much usually, but when I’m off to work or out with friends, I’d really prefer to feel a bit more glam than I have been these days.

I returned after three “me” hours feeling lighter, slightly prettier, and much happier about my future photography.