Not the happiest of campers

This one’s mine…and it’s not going anywhere

I was talking with a fellow contractor at my client yesterday, when the tech support guy, Shawn’s his name, moseyed on over with a glint in his eye. Now Shawn and I get along fabulously. I’m not a demanding, fix-it-now type of person. I know he’s got a lot going on so I just use the correct channels (and in a corporation of that size, there are MANY channels) to notify him of any problems I’m having so that he might stop by when he has a chance.

Since I returned from maternity leave, I’ve had a bunch of problems with Word on my Mac. Weird, word-shifting and word-disappearing problems that have made it difficult for me to do my job. Shawn, for his part, has been scratching his head trying to figure out how to fix this issue. And as he pointed out, “We support 1,500 users…and only 33 of you are on Macs.” So you know where this is going. Instead of digging deeper for me, the lowly Mac user, they’re going to move me to a PC. (Technically, yes, the Mac is a PC, but let’s not go there, please.)

Yes, I’m one of those. I’m a total Mac person. I’ve owned my own Mac for the last 12 years and used them since Day One. I had to brave an IBM once when I worked at a bank, before Windows even. But since then, I’ve really only touched my Mom’s computer and that always ends in frustration.

There’s not much I can do about this. I’m a freelancer. I’m just borrowing the computer ’til they find some full-timer to put in front of it anyway. But, darn it, I just hate giving up my Mac. They even upgraded me to one of those big cinema screens several months ago. So I figured I was solid. It’s just not fair. At all.

5 thoughts on “Not the happiest of campers”

  1. Hold on the that Mac as much as you can. The reason these guys know how to fix PC’s is because so many of them have problems it easy to remember what you had to do the last 30 times just to get it to work.

    Has Word been re-installed? Maybe try repairing permissions. Hold on to that mac cause letting go will be a sad sad day.

  2. Joel, thanks for the advice. I have kicked up quite a fuss, but I’m not sure that it’ll make a difference. They’ve been hoping to move all the creatives over to PCs anyway.

    We did reset preferences and the IT guy told me he was planning to reinstall Word. But I’m not sure that ever happened. I think he’s hiding from me now because I’ve been glaring at him every time he walks by. 🙂

  3. Your note cam in as spam so I thought I would come here and answer. After reading todays I just have to say arn’t we glad to have little ones. It is so interesting to watch them grow and change. I think I have more fun being Grandma I am not “responsible” what a joy having that pressure gone. Logan is rolling and inch worming around and trying to sit up. They too worry everytime he goes through these not eating times I just tell them they will have lots more cycles like that. They rest don’t eat and then you can’t fill them up and then they grow once they grew 3 sizes (shoes over a summer) befor I realized it sometimes spurts happen fast. I love the door know photo!

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