A changing perspective on the Universe

(Note: Photos will resume soon.)

Today I actually managed to take a nap at the same time as my son. This is unusual for me. Mostly because I feel like those moments of free time are a bit too precious to be thrown away on things like sleeping. I could be, say, updating my website, writing more “thank you” cards (stop with the gifts already — you’re spoiling him!), cleaning the house, or some other such nonsense.

It’s funny how I never once noticed that my mother’s world revolved around me as a child. I just took it for granted that I was indeed the Center of the Universe. Now I’ve figured out that all babies/kids/teenagers/young adults/college students/twenty-somethings feel that way. Until they have kids of their own, that is. Then the tables turn on ya. About time for me, I guess. I’ve played out nearly 40 years of “me, me, me.” It’s a good thing it’s Devin’s turn now.

During the lad’s second nap, I punched in my credit card number at Mercy Corps to do our part for the victims of the tsunami. In our household, we do a lot of talking about being charitable, but we don’t always act on it. So it felt very satisfying to push the submit button.

When Scott arrived home and I told him what I’d done, he informed me that he’d done the same thing at the Red Cross site. I admittedly choked just a tiny bit when I discovered we’d doubled our amount. Only because we’ve been without a second income for two months and I’ve been starting to feel the pressure in the bank account. But he mildly informed me that we have two TVs, two cars and a roof over our heads — more than anyone has left in that part of the world. And my blood pressure settled back into its normal range. No regrets at all.