Senior citizens rule!

Window at the Gardens

During Scott’s time off after Devin arrived, we went on a family outing to the mall. We proudly wheeled our very-cute kid around as every other parent does. The parents we used to see when we were walking around as non-parents. We’d spy their kids in their strollers and say things like, “What a cutie!” or “Oh, such a sweet baby,” or “That’s a great baby.” Mostly to ourselves, but with obvious cues to the mums and dads that we were ooohing and aaahing over their children.

After we wrapped up our tour beneath the fluorescent lights, we headed back to the car. That’s when he remarked, “No one was paying attention to our baby.” It was true. After all the adoration we’d give the countless parents we’d encountered over the past ten years, where was our love? And how could a person deny my little son the kudos he so deserved? He’s incredibly cute, damnit!

Well, today I hit the motherlode. Frederik Meijer Gardens just happens to be staffed by a lot of retirees. And these wonderful people, bless ’em, just loved Devin. He got all sorts of comments and ooohs and aaahs of his very own. Gotta love those senior citizens. As for the rest of ya — nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!