Eh, I didn’t get the name of this sculpture

So many people have posted comments to this site — or emailed me directly. You’ve said nice things, given advice, made observations. The typical stuff. I want you to know that I’ve read every word — and that I appreciate it.

I was never great at juggling before this major life change. My desk would often accumulate clutter, magazines would stack up, piles would be made in rooms of things I wasn’t sure of what to do with. Add a tiny child to that mix and the clutter, stacks and piles just get bigger. And bigger.

I’m tired. I’m happy but tired. I have to-do lists that I plan to chip away at slowly, realistically. Returning emails hasn’t been made it to the top of any of those lists. Certainly not for the lack of caring. Probably it’s more likely that it’s because tomorrow is Thanksgiving (already!) and Christmas is fast on its heels, along with all the accompanying hoopla. That lovely friends and family continue to give us gifts and I desperately need to send out thank-you cards. That I have a shitload of digital pics of little guy that need to be turned into prints. That I need to cook a meal — a real meal — just one time in the coming week (please!). That I dream of lying in bed with my magazines and just flipping pages while my body and mind relax.

So thank you very much for your words and encouragement. Be assured that they’ve brought a great big smile to my face. And gobble, gooble to everyone!