The incredible shrinking Lori

I’m not a big girl. Yet a wee bit over a year ago, some of pants started to get a tad, um, tight. Not a huge surprise to me since my fitness regimen was badly fractured and I didn’t compensate by reducing the amount of ice cream I was eating nor the number of mochas I was drinking. Alas, more calories naturally add up to more weight.

I’m still struggling with the fitness thing, but I finally wised up about the food issue. My low blood sugar demands a different style of eating and I embarked on that new-fangled concept right before Devin jetted across the Pacific. I was feeling better and I figured I’d dropped maybe a pound or two.

Yet no eating plan can match the demands of brand-new motherhood when it comes to shedding the pounds. Two weeks into our new adventure, my jeans were suddenly baggy — all of ’em. This may seem like a good thing for someone who was hoping to lose a little, but I preferred to subtract it through exercise and healthy eating — not through the accidental starvation that came about in trying to figure out how to juggle his needs AND mine.

I’m back to eating more appropriate meals in the past week or two. Now I just have to determine how to incorporate kickboxing and yoga as well. Hopefully I can “buff” up with some muscle so my pants aren’t hanging off my ass (yep, I said it) anymore.