Dear Devin

OK. It’s official. Devin now has his own little site. A big responsibility for such a young man, true.

I’m not entirely happy with this site, nor is it entirely finished. I’ve got plenty of bugs to work out. The problems stem from 1) me only using HTML once a year and forgetting everything I know between those uses, 2) not having a heck of a lot of time on my hands these days, and 3) being a writer, not a designer. As a result, it looks much like my own site right now. I did fiddle with the format a bit, but my creative vision just can’t be fulfilled right now. I’m going to consult with some consultants and get back to you on any updates.

Another thing to note (not that you’re concerned, I’m sure): there will be no comments available on Dev’s site. I’ve spent many, many minutes of my day in the past purging nasty comment spam from my own site. I just don’t have the energy to do the same for his. Besides, this is more an outlet for me, Mommy, to record what’s happening in his little life. I’m very, very bad at putting such musings down on paper, so I needed this. Certainly, though, it’s out there for friends and family to enjoy!