OK, everyone…cry with me

Since the day we welcomed him into our home, Pete has been both a challenge and a loving little dog. He came with his own set of baggage — quite a few suitcases really. We weren’t quite prepared for such a nervous dog. He didn’t exhibit that nervousness during our visits to the shelter. But he’d lived there for nine months until we chose him. He didn’t know about houses, about faucets, stoves, refrigerators, doors, doorbells, tall men…any of it.

So he cowered and jumped and scampered away. But every day he made tiny little steps toward becoming stronger and more confident.

Unfortunately, there are some things Pete hasn’t been able to overcome. At only 37 pounds, he has repeatedly taken on rottweilers, labs, and assorted other large dogs with a viciousness that can be surprising. At first it was just a select few dogs he would tussle with. As time has gone on, though, he’s stopped discriminating and basically decided any dog bigger than him is a foe.

This in itself is manageable. Although it means no more dog park and his own special small-dog play group at doggie daycare (don’t go rolling your eyes…just every six weeks or so to give them a treat). It also means that Juliette, Ms. Social and Lovey, has been deprived of her friendships. But we were willing to deal with this.

The problem is that Pete’s reactionary attitude isn’t very compatible with a baby. We had our fingers crossed. Really hard. We knew Devin would make him nervous. We knew he’d be off-kilter a bit. But as I was eating an apple the other day, Pete made the mistake of snapping at my baby. Devin was several feet away at the time, out of harm’s way. Still, the fact that my dear dog would go to such lengths for a Granny Smith was not a good sign.

I called our trainer, a woman who knows both of my dogs very well, and explained the situation to her. She was wary of Pete’s abilities to deal with a child already, so this really cemented her opinion. Her advice is that we find him a new home.

I knew this, of course. And I’ve been crying for over a week about it. We’ve had Pete for 14 months. We really wanted to honor our commitment to him. I’m completely heartbroken. Although he’s been difficult, I love him. He makes me laugh when he buries his head under my arm, or when he bounces across the park like a deer, or when he rests his head on the back of the couch to watch the world outside. I’m so sad to say goodbye to him. I feel very much like I’m letting him down, but how can I keep him? How can I take that chance?

I’m going to go cry some more.

7 thoughts on “OK, everyone…cry with me”

  1. awww, you know that I have always wanted Pete, but I guess I can’t have him what with the baby problem….(sob, sob).I’m crying with you today!

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  3. On the bright side (cause there is one)…Pete will be happy in his new home. He’ll run around, smoke cigars and maybe even play poker with other dogs just like in that one painting. Give him a phone card and tell him to call. Naturally the best scenerio is for a friend to adopts him. If not, simply suggest to his new loving family in a round-about way to limit his exposure to animals larger then him. You see, a family with a proud collection of large ceramic dogs probably wouldn’t be a good fit for Pete. A family that raises Chinchillas would. There. Did that help?

  4. I think Kev forgot to mention we had to get rid one of our cats because Chloe made her so nervous she was licking her paws until they bled. I still wonder what happened to her.

  5. DAMN, and I just had gotten used to him, there were no second thoughts about who he is when I read this article 😉 – Do you really think there is no other way?

  6. I’m so sorry about Pete! I know how it is to lose a precious little family member, but I guess it will be better for all involved if Pete finds a home that will be less stressful for him. Its so hard. Will Jane & Tom take him????


  7. Hey, Lori…long time since we chated! Just found your website today and as I was reading through, I noticed that you had to get rid of Pete. I am so sorry to hear that it did not work out. But on a happier note, congrats on your bundle of joy! Hope all is well. Your site looks wonderful.


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