Is it bad?

Cute puppy…creepy girl’s voice

Is it bad to be slightly excited when it’s Devin’s naptime? I mean, when else can I clean the house, flip through a catalog, check my email, write out more announcement cards, and scoop dog poop (it’s too dark when my husband gets home)?

Is it bad to buy a toy for your kid based on whether YOU’LL like it? Because I’m sick of playing with some of these lame-o toys that they’ve designed for infants. I want some excitement. Some more tasteful music. Some talking. Something that doesn’t go, “Wheeeee!” at me all the time. Forget what he wants.

In the same vein, is it bad to covet my son’s toys? We got a very cool Leap Pad thingamajigy from Chad and Tiffany. Very cool. And the little guy just doesn’t appreciate it enough. What does he do? He lays right on it so that all of the sounds kind of go off in this rat-a-tat kind of way and it just spoils all of the fun. I want to hear about the panda’s habitat, dude. It’s all about Mommy.

Is it bad to start planning to go to Chicago to see a musical when I’ve only had my little one home for less than three weeks? Granted, the show isn’t playing until April of next year. It’s fair to plan on leaving him with Grandma at that point, right?

Is it bad to take my kid to the mall so I can get a mocha and get out of the house for a little while? He looked entirely bored in the stroller. The fluorescent lights kind of mesmerized him, but he still seemed a bit impatient with me, especially when I was trying to pick out some winter-weather attire for him at The Children’s Place. Guess he’s going to take after his dad when it comes to shopping. Damnit!

Is it bad to make my husband slightly late for work this morning because I was making toast and Dev did a big poop in his pants? I mean, c’mon…who wants to eat toast with the aroma of doo-doo wafting through the air? (Thanks, honey!)

Is it bad to call my son Poo-Poo Head after he does one of those aforementioned poopy things? We’ve also been calling him Booger Butt since he’s constantly got those little things lodged in his nose. Also Crank Shaft, Crank Monster, Grumpasaurus, and Chubba Wubba (because he loves that formula!). Basically we’re pretty cruel parents.

4 thoughts on “Is it bad?”

  1. It’s never bad being a Mommy and that my dear is exactly what YOU are doing. Exactly. Oh and make sure you get lots of shots of the booger nose…those come in handy when they’re about to turn 12 and have their first sorta puppy love next door neighbor girly friend. Real handy. *evil snickers*

  2. 1. Naptime is the all-time BEST time of the day. Use it wisely — take a nap!
    2. Kids toys are b-o-r-i-n-g no matter what. Even if they’re the coolest latest thing, they get old real fast. So pick whatever interests you even slightly.
    3. April is a suitably long interval between arrival and the First Big Weekend Without Mom and Dad. Maybe it’s even a little too far distant!
    4.Dad will likely be late for work plenty because of Junior’s antics. In fact this will go on right up until the kid doesn’t bring the car home in time for Dad to get to the office.
    5. Yes, poopy pants is bad. So is booger anything. Remember, thoughts and ideas begin with language. The first time he calls YOU Poopy pants … well, you’ll see what I mean!

    Smile! You’re a MOM now!

  3. Lori,

    You may not remember me, but we use to work together at Improvisions. I am still with Suzanne mentioned that you had emailed her and had a personal web site. So one day I looked it up. I love your

    A friend of mine got into Discovery Toys when she had her son. She thought the toys were so much better than some of the toys being offered in department stores. I don’t really know if that is true, as I don’t have a child yet, but here is the link in case you want to look at what they offer.

  4. Lori,

    I accidently hit post before I had finished the comment. I just wanted to say how much I love your site! It is one of my favorites of the many sites I’ve seen.

    Also, here is the link I was trying to add in the previous comment.

    As noted earlier, I don’t really know anything about them, except my friend really loves their toys.

    Good luck!

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