Mr. Congeniality

Laurel entertained him quite nicely

Well, I knew he was a happy guy, but he sure impressed me with his behavior today. I took him to my client to visit and he was inundated with admirers. He was passed from person to person without a fuss or cry to be heard. Amazing. He just smiled and giggled at everyone — for about two hours! I thought we’d be there for about half an hour, but the people just kept coming by and, as babies tend to do, he sucked ’em right in. What a relief that he can do so well surrounded by a dozen curious faces.

It was nice for me too. I love carrying him around, but going from zero to 18 pounds in one fell swoop is a bit challenging. It’s not like I started out with a six-pound infant and got the chance to work up from there. I’m going to have some pretty strong arm muscles soon. Can’t really complain about that, I guess.

Being the mom of a happy, healthy baby makes my disappointment with this morning’s election results a bit easier to take. I wont get into any political commentary since I have friends of both persuasions, but I have to say that I had tears in my eyes when I snapped on the TV. Crying over an election? You betcha. And I know plenty of other folks who are right there with me. Four more years of W is bad enough, but Michigan’s stance on Proposal 2 was another head-shaking moment. Embarrassing, really. OK. I’m done with the venting now.