42 hours and counting

Juliette gives her approval of Devin’s room

When given a very tight deadline, on top of the reality of becoming the mother of a seven-month-old who’s going to look to me to protect him, care for him, and have my shit together, I can accomplish amazing things. Like hanging valances and re-caulking tubs (no way was his cute little bottom going anywhere near that nasty old caulk).

In doing so, I also noticed how our house has transformed over the weekend. It’s the same (yet now filled with baby gear), but very different. With parenthood kicking in, our level of cleanness just doesn’t seem clean enough. And now every little thing seems like it could be a potential hazard. I can’t call in a hazmat team and I’m not going to put all of our possessions in a closet until he’s 18, but it’s funny how my perspective has changed.

Well, there’s some vacuuming and such still to be done, but I think we’re about as ready as we’re ever going to be. I hope!