I guess I’m not so good at math

Based on the timeframes from my agency, I ballparked Devin’s arrival for early November. Well, I was off. Good for us — Devin’s coming home eight days from now. He’ll be jetting from Seoul to Tokyo to Detroit on October 19th! So now we’re scrambling around the house, trying to cover our butts in the baby-needs department.

We got a ton of stuff at the shower on Saturday (thanks to everyone — it was so much fun). Yet there’s still a lot more left. Thermometers, formula, diapers, sheets, blankets, feeding miscellany…you get the picture. Scott had to shop his little heart out tonight. Not an easy task for him at all. We do have one more shower this week. This one will feature at least a glass of wine so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

As for the time between now and next Tuesday, friends and family can enjoy the idea of Lori and Scott racing crazily around the house trying to get it all in order. It’s a pretty funny spectacle, I can assure you!