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Go, Matt!

Yet another Rochester Hills pic

We’re attending the Grand HavenGrandville football game tonight. I haven’t been to a high-school football game since…well, since I was in high school. We’re going to be rooting for the Buccaneers and Matt Wade, varsity footballer extraordinaire. I’ve known Matt since he was eight and it really freaks me out that he’s a senior in high school.

Of course it’s pouring down rain outside right now. The one and only time I choose to attend such an event is when the weather turns poopy. But we’ll be in the visitors section of the Grand Haven football stadium, along with the entire Wade clan, cheering him on.

Also, I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve been enjoying this week:

Karenika: Begging for fish
Miss Anthropy: Autumn Leaves II
Caitriona: Four Sisters
Low Resolution: Red Lockers
Apparently Nothing: In the airport
Out of Contxt: Four Trees