He’s approved!

Snapped in Rochester Hills

Sorting through the mail today, I spied an official-looking letter from Citizenship & Immigration. Finally! We’d been waiting for Devin’s visa approval. That’s the big step when the U.S. clears him for travel into the country and then forwards the approval to Korea. So, we’re hoping, the longest part of this wait is over. But I’m not going to be too hopeful since the Korean ministry has to review the paperwork — according to their schedule. They might look at it this week, or next month.

If I were an eternal optimist, which I’m not, I’d look at the timeframes that we have left to endure and realize that this kid could be hitting Detroit Metro by early next month. Wow! As impatient as I am (and I really am!), we still have a few things to do. I guess this gives us some impetus to get them done. Look out trim, here I come.

In other Devin news, my friend Patty is hosting a baby shower for me on Saturday. When we started talking about it, it seemed such a long way off. Now, in just two days, I’ll be sitting in her living room opening boxes of baby paraphenalia and such. I so hate being the center of attention. That’s why I really enjoyed our book club shower last month. I got to share the spotlight with Molly, who’d just had her second baby, Christopher. On Saturday, it’ll be just me. Surrounded. Heh.