Rugs and mugs

A few blocks away

The office is finally done (aside from hanging a few odds and ends on the walls and painting some of the furniture). The walls are freshly coated and today we wrestled the new rug into place. It’s cheerful in here now. Banished is the football wallpaper that entertained the kids who used to live in this room.

Today we also decided on a rug for Devin’s room. I needed to get that nailed down before choosing any of the other stuff…just the way my brain works, I guess.

I desperately wanted this striped one, but it’s on backorder until January 5. What the heck? I really prefered not to go with a theme. I thought I could play off the vibrant colors in the stripes and just have fun with it.

But…I had to change my plans and decided on this more kid-like rug. I can’t believe what a dearth in selection there is when it comes to cute rugs for kids. At least this one comes with some other items that we can coordinate. And you can buy the bedding separately instead of the big bag of everything Babies R Us forces on you. I don’t want a bumper, and won’t even need one by the time he arrives, so I’m not about to be forced into buying one.

To complement the look, Kevin has graciously offered to lend his artist’s skills to painting some wildlife watercolors for the room too. What a nice friend!

And speaking of Kevin, if you’re the type to tack up a Kerry/Edwards sign in your lawn, or if you’re just a bit fed up with the current administration, check out Kev’s take on W’s foreign policy — Dubya Diplomacy. There’s some great stuff for sale. This guy might very well be interested.