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The shorts

This was, I believe, Day 3 of the love affair (Acadia National Park)

Back in May, as we were preparing for our upcoming roadtrip to New England, we stopped at a sporting goods store in Holland. As we browsed, I pointed out a pair of hiking shorts to Scott. North Face. Nice quality. Made of that lovely ripstoppish material that resists wrinkles and breathes nicely. He grabbed those and a couple of others and tried them on. The NF pair was the only one that made the cut.

Let me pause here to say that my husband is no fashionista. At the time of this purchase, he owned only two other pairs of shorts that would be considered non-gym wear, and I think he’s down to one or two pairs of gym shorts. He’s not a bit concerned about following the trends in menswear and therefore also does not own a single pair of cargo shorts. Duly noted.

On to the trip…we hit Boston first, where the weather wasn’t all that warmish. I think he was wearing his jeans at the time. But once it came time for our hike near Mt. Washington, he was in his new shorts. And, apparently, loving them. I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain that he wore those shorts for at least five days during our sojourn. Possibly six.

The obsession didn’t end there, though. Now he wears ONLY those shorts here at home. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the other pairs since we returned from our vacation. I brought this up last night as he sat on the deck — wearing the shorts yet again. He explained why he liked them so…their wrinkle-free-ness, they’re comfort. So why not, dear husband, by a couple more of those shorts in some other colors? Because that would require another trip to the store, which he only does every three years. I guess I’d better get used to seeing the shorts for a while to come.