A little overboard

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Today was “Shopping with Grandma” day. That meant cruising Kalamazoo for baby stores. We started at the Tot to Teen Village, which kinda blew my mind. Mom used to shop for me there when I was an itty bitty…and nothing has changed. The fairy castle is still there, the slide, the works. A bit tacky when you consider I was small in the early 70s. The building hasn’t seen a lick of renovation since then. Still, they had several cribs and racks of on-sale merchandise. So what’s to complain about?

From there, we hit Babies R Us, Marshall Field’s, Gap Kids, Children’s Place, and Gymboree. Most of which I’d never visited before. The kid is going to arrive to a full closet, that’s for sure. Mom was driving me slightly batty with her calculations about what size to buy for which season. I still haven’t figured out her logic, but as a result we have everything from 12 months to 24 months. And we paid pretty small prices for the items we nabbed.

She seems pretty excited about her impending Grandma-dom. That makes me happy. I had a very close relationship with my grandma, so I’m hoping Mom and Devin bond too. With all the stuff she’s stocking up on for him, I have no doubt he’ll at least appreciate the material side of things!

6 thoughts on “A little overboard”

  1. That reminds me of the time that Todd and his friend Dave went down to the Carter’s & Polo outlets in Michigan City and came back with a garbage-size bag of clothes for Riley – ages newborn -3T!(he wasn’t even born yet!!!!)People do go nuts when it comes to shopping for babies!

  2. Wow…Todd did the shopping? I’d have to bind and gag Scott to get him to go into a mall. Although the way he’s been responding to his impending fatherhood, he may just surprise me. 🙂

  3. Yes, well, Todd is the wife in our family, he cooks, does the gardening, and spends all the money while I balance the check book and grumble about finances and say “Where’s my dinner!!!!”

  4. Oh I am so glad to here I am not the only soon to be grandma going overboard. Some buys just jump out at you.

  5. Melissa had tons of clothes before she was born there are some that she never wore. Now, I just buy when I need to. Kids clothing is so cute though its hard to pass them up when you see them.

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