The best-laid plans

Dragonfly: Seidman Park

Even the tiniest of obstacles can trip me up. Especially when I have grandiose plans of how my week is going to pan out and those obstacles plop themselves down in the midst of it all.

On Sunday my plans seemed entirely doable. Such as…I will have the office done by Monday. I will ride my bike several times this week. I will buy a card to congratulate my friend on passing a very difficult test. I will measure Devin’s room so I can be prepared for baby-furniture shopping with my mum and aunt this weekend. I will get my rollerblades fixed. I will respond to the emails I’ve been storing in my in-box.

Yet multiple headaches, extra work, rainy weather, and other assorted things have sprung up throughout the week.

I hate when my plans are thwarted!

Well, I’ve stewed about all of this for a good part of the day, including venting to my poor put-upon husband. So I shall endeavor to be more positive. I will march myself down to the kitchen and cook up a fab Greek dinner in honor of the beginning of the Olympic games. I will measure the room tonight just in the nick of time for tomorrow’s shopping expedition. I will have a glass of wine while working on some taglines for a new client. I will do some push-ups to make myself feel better about not getting a lick of exercise this week. And I will look forward to breakfast with friends on Sunday morning.

Being grumpy about my lack of progress doesn’t do me much good. So I’m going to shake it off and reshuffle my priorities. How’s that for a positive attitude?