Everyday stuff

A new selection for this year’s pots: portulaca

I got a clean bill of health yesterday, although I’m still feeling less energetic than normal. But I guess a bacterial infection can drag you down for a while. Ugh. I went rollerblading the other day and could barely make it home. And just two weeks ago I was hiking and biking without a care in the world. Funny how your body can turn on ya.

For tonight’s book club meeting, I’m cheating. (Don’t tell the girls.) In a past issue of Real Simple, I found a recipe that makes two batches of veggie pasta, featuring roasted eggplant, zucchini and onions, and plenty of my favorite cheese — feta. One batch you set aside and freeze for future cooking, adding tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The other you dive into straight from the pot. I’ll just pop the thawed casserole into the oven tonight for a quick and easy dish.

And…I just discovered today, due to the extra busyness at work right now, that next week’s business trip will be handled by another writer so I can focus on the massive projects that keep popping up on my to-do list. The positive side of this, aside from the fact that I like to be busy, is that little ol’ me gets to snatch up tickets to the Natalie MacMaster concert after all. She plays a wicked-cool fiddle so I advise any GR residents to attend. And I advise Meijer Gardens to learn how to spell the names of their guest artists correctly.