Movie weekend

Our yard is full of little helicopters

Rainy weather doesn’t motivate me to do much, even though I have a full list of things to tackle. Yard work? Not so much fun when it’s soggy. Painting? The air is full of humidity. That can’t be good, right? Fixing fences and other such things? Nah. We’ll wait for the drops to stop dropping first.

So it seemed like an ideal weekend to be lazy. That meant reading, going out for a few meals, and watching movies. We popped Love Actually into the VCR (we haven’t caught on to those nice, shiny DVDs yet) on Saturday night. Great flick. Not sappy or overly predictable. And Hugh Grant was sublimely Hugh Grant. I recommend it.

Today Tracy and I grabbed a bite to eat and saw 13 Going on 30. The humor may have been a bit more obvious with this one, and it was definitely the female version of Big, but I really liked it. The acting was better than many of the romantic comedies I’ve seen recently, and I giggled quite a bit throughout. The “Thriller” scene had me in stitches. It was funny, too, to note that although the theater was pretty full, I’d bet there were only about three guys in attendance. But they were laughing!